Sunday, June 1, 2014


    Good morning! A great day of choppin', yesterday! I had some kids in camp, as well. There was even a CANOE DOG! Most of the kids had seen the canoe already, but all were excited about it. Max, one of the pit bulls that resides there, hopped in the canoe... when he wasn't chasing chips!
    I got DOWN & DIRTY again, opening her up. It's starting to get to "knuckle-cruncher" depth. Great. As you get deeper, there is less room to swing the adze. Your knuckles start hitting the gunwales and seats, from time to time. Fun stuff! She's getting DEEP! My feet can rest, comfortably, INSIDE the canoe! 
    It was a big day in Canoe Camp, for another reason... she's MOVING! As I was chopping, I noticed a little movement! When the kids were jumping in and out of the canoe, I could feel it, as well! This is always a big deal, since I need heavy equipment to move the trees at all, in the beginning! Signs of progress...
     Canoe! Canoe!

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