Wednesday, June 4, 2014


    Good morning! I did, in fact, take the day off, yesterday. There's something in the air, out here, and it kicked-in my allergic reaction. I haven't had mush trouble with them, since I was a kid. This stuff... whatever it is, is hitting me hard. Itchy, watery eyes, uncontrollable cough, sneezing, and almost flu-like aches. My back is toast, but that's from carving. 
    I'm attempting to wake up, and get rolling. I slept (stayed in bed is more accurate) for about 12 hours. My head still hurts. I thought that was from the coughing. I'm wondering if I'm not sinking into a little depression, here. 
    The canoe isn't getting finished, yet. The Missouri seems to be slipping away. I'm broke as a joke. Something's gotta give.
    Maybe Tess can help... Canoe! Canoe!

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