Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Long Day

    Good morning! Good day of choppin', yesterday! I anticipated digging down, but Tess wanted me to work on the gunwales. I cleaned-up the bow end, on both sides. She also was thirsty, so I gave her a good coat of oil, afterwards.
    I couldn't stop. I went pretty late, and knew it, by the position of the sun. The buses alter their schedules, in the evening. I should have known. It took me 'til after 10pm to get home.
    I'm STILL tired, and very sore. Trying to motivate, but may take another day off. I've got plenty to do, anyway, between my preparation for the big paddle, and preparation for Tesla's big move. Public Relations stuff, among other things.
    We'll see... Canoe! Canoe!

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