Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Low Energy

    Good morning! A beautiful day, yesterday, for choppin'! I'm, certainly, still in "recovery mode." My energy just isn't there. The air is filled with allergens. The cottonwoods, in particular, are dumping seeds everywhere. The ground is covered with "cotton." My breathing suffered for it. I was constantly "winded," as I chopped.
    I worked on the baggage hanging off her stern. It was VERY slow-going, as I had to keep catching my breath. It's more than a little annoying. Indio's kids, and their pit bull, "Max," were the only signs of life at the house. They were playing by the canoe, when I arrived. They came out a few times, throughout the day. That dog loves them! The three of them were running around, playing with a stick, in the tall grass. Beautiful.
    Anyway, I got a fair amount of wood moved, all things considered. The stern is still impressing me! I'm finding good wood, as I chop. Today, I'll try and finish that area.
    Canoe! Canoe!


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