Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Big Wind, Big Activism

    Good morning! Another, even MORE windy day, yesterday! 30mph winds, constantly! I decided to add even more oil to her bottom, to protect the area I chopped the other day. Winds like that can dry the canoe quickly, which can be good... or bad. The oil is good, in my opinion.
    I had an event to take part in, downtown, anyway. We Are Change Colorado hosted "The GMO Roast At The Post," in front of the Denver Post's headquarters, at Colfax and Broadway. We wanted to force the media in Denver to bring some more attention to GMO labeling. We are trying to educate people on the problems of genetically modified foods, and the need for transparency in labeling foods in the store. It's all about CHOICE! Let the consumer decide what, exactly, they are consuming! Simple, right? The FDA should be doing this for us, but they are run by former executives of the companies they are supposed to regulate! Fact. It's up to the PEOPLE to fight back. Here we are.
    We accomplished our mission, more or less. We got a write-up on CBS, locally. As happens all to often, nowadays, the reporter got most of the facts WRONG. I have seen this, all over the country, in the "news." Even during the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial, reporters would get their facts wrong... on HISTORY that is incredibly well-documented! My freshman journalism teacher would be in SHOCK, if she saw the state of affairs, here! People accept "news" that's reported to them, as FACTUAL. They take it for "truth." When the facts are wrong, it's "disinformation." It's no wonder why there are so many confused people out there! It would be nice to see the media being more professional, and educating people, properly. I have a dream...
    We gathered to hear Josie Wales, and Tony Stiles, in Cherry Creek, afterwards.  Josie is a hit on the internet, speaking about anarchy. People are looking for alternatives to the systems that continue to fail, around the world, as "governments." Talking about it, is good!
    Anyway, that was my day. I'm up early, and ready to CHOP! Canoe! Canoe!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ooh Baby!

    Good morning! A windy day, yesterday... and even MORE this morning! I still got some good choppin' in. I'm smoothing out her bottom, as I get it close to the finished lines. I'm hoping for another productive day, today! We're very close to flipping her, and I'm anxious for that moment! I haven't SEEN the top of the canoe, since I got her dropped off!
    My back is feeling it, bad. The weather has been changing, drastically, back-and-forth. My knees feel it, too. I hope to set-up a shop, soon, where I can accumulate some more good tools, including a chain-saw or two. My back is telling me that this would be a good idea! I'm still debating using one, when we flip her. I enjoy the process of hand-carving! That said, using the best tools available just makes good sense. Many people suggest that would take away from the project. I beg to differ. Making a fine canoe is my focus, here... and I WILL get her done! She'll be beautiful... AND functional! I will be happy, and so will the tree. That's good enough, for me.
                                     Canoe! Canoe!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rain Day

    Good morning! I know I'm slackin', here... I chose to enjoy a day off, on Saturday. Yesterday was a rain day. Today, I'm choppin'! Canoe! Canoe!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Oil... Again

    Good morning! Well, Ol' Tess wanted me to work her stern a little bit! I brought it down and in, some. I started to pull in that PORT side, a little, as well. It's been hard to do, since it's rather  low. 
    The STERN is unveiling, slowly! She has some interesting issues, back there. The BIG crack is getting pulled back, and the critter holes are, too. I'm attempting to keep her as LONG as she is willing to be, but she'll have to show me. 
    Rain clouds came in late, and Miss Ellie had a bad tooth infection dealt with. Healing love coming her way. That can be very painful stuff! Anyway, I oiled Tesla up, again. I'm using the oil liberally, and will probably need more, before I'm through. This is how I take care of my tree. I'll deal with her BIG crack, when I chop the rest of it away.
    More rain coming, this weekend. Gonna see if I can get some choppin' in, today! My buddy's WING restaurant is having a PIG ROAST, today! I might have to mosey on down there...

Canoe! Canoe!  

Friday, April 25, 2014

More Starboard, More Metal...

    Good morning! Kept working on the starboard, yesterday. As I brought the bow "in" a little more, I hacked some metal, again. I believe this is the same piece from the tip of the bow, and is the reason she is "checking" where she is. When you dig into things, you learn more!
    Days are becoming a blur! I helped Miss Ellie around the yard... yesterday? Day before? This may sound weird, but it's a good thing! I love it, when I lose track of time!!! To me, it's a "mind construct," and locks us into a very small world. I'm better off without it. I don't celebrate "birthdays" or "anniversaries"... especially anniversaries of bad events, or deaths. This locks you into the past, and puts you in a sad or fearful mind-set. I believe that is unhealthy, to say the least. I could go on for DAYS...
    But I gotta chop! Canoe! Canoe!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


    Good morning! Good day, yesterday. I started peeling back her starboard side, finally. We're SLOWLY getting a better idea of her true form, here! I get a kick out of inverting my pictures, now... and seeing her "right-side up." I'm SERIOUSLY hoping to FLIP Tesla within a few days. I'll need to secure some 4X4 posts, or something similar for her to roll on to. Keeping her off the ground would be good.
    I got some good news, the other day! My camping gear is in Republic, WA, where I can get to it. I'll be heading up there before going to Montana... AFTER I'm done with Tess. I have to stop spreading my gear all over the country! It's just difficult, when you don't drive. The way they charge you EXTRA for baggage in transit, now, SUCKS! Wish I had a horse!
    Anyway, gotta get ready to head out. Hopefully, I can walk better, today! My left knee wasn't working well, yesterday. My back is... my back. Pain comes with this work. Then again, I'm in pain... working or not! I don't talk about it, much, but it feels good to "vent" here. Thanks for listening! Canoe! Canoe!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


    Good morning! I ran some errands in the morning, yesterday, and wound-up getting distracted from my duties. It started to rain, and I opted for a day off. Got a few things done, that I needed to. Today, however, I'm focused! Canoe! Canoe!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lil' Pomp

    Good morning! Brought a little Colorado Blue Spruce to Wheat Ridge Canoe Camp, yesterday! I call him "Little Pomp." One day, he might just be a canoe...
    Guess what I did today??? Yep. Flattened the bottom some more! Got rid of the nasty knot on her stern, and kept choppin'. She's almost ready to flip! The chips are piling up, even though several people have taken big garbage bags full of them. Someone offered me a chainsaw, yesterday. I'm considering using it, to facilitate the bulk of the wood-removal, after flipping. Still undecided. 
    Got good news, today! My camping gear has been moved from Curlew Lake Canoe Camp, into Republic. I assume that means the Barter Faire Dugout Canoe is there, as well. Still waiting for confirmation. When I'm done with Tesla, I'll have to get up to Republic... then back to Montana... to paddle! It's a beautiful Spring!!! Canoe! Canoe!

Monday, April 21, 2014


    Good morning! No choppin', yesterday. Had two gatherings to go to, for Easter. Got to see my nieces at my brother's, and meet some nice folks at our neighbor's. A wonderful day! Looking forward to getting back to Tess! Canoe! Canoe!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


    Good morning! Rain threatened to come in on us, yesterday... and it finally did! I knew I'd be taking (today) off, and wanted to get some oil on her. I kept flattening the bottom, little-by-little. Saw Miss Ellie, Gregory, and John, in Camp. Met another horseback rider!
    I must say, counting the days is not sitting well, with me. When you consider "time" on a project like this, it can mess with you. I've worked on the bottom for a solid two weeks, and it's not quite ready to be flipped! TIME DOESN'T MATTER. This, I must remember! When all is said and done, I will have a beautiful DUGOUT CANOE! How long it took to make her will just be part of her story. And life goes on...
    I got the oil on her... just before the rain came in! I did her semi-flat bottom, and the bow, again. She liked it. Canoe! Canoe!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two Weeks In...

    Good morning! Beautiful day in Denver, yesterday... somewhere around 80 degrees! Kept working her bottom, shaving it down. By the end of the day, today, I hope to have her flat enough to coat her with linseed oil. I'll be slappin' some more on the bow, as well. I still have some digging to do, in the stern. 
    It's a holiday weekend in Denver, with Easter falling on 4/20! Tourism has already picked up. I've got a busy day, tomorrow, with two "get-togethers." Oddly, each of these only celebrates ONE holiday. The same one. I'll have to find my friends to celebrate the other one, properly. Happy Holidays!
    The process of shaping the outside of the hull has taken two weeks, if you're counting. I only know this, because I'm doing this blog! Otherwise, I would have no idea of "time." Seriously... that's how I like it. It's amazing how relaxed you can be, when you let go of it! Try it... you'll LIKE it! Canoe! Canoe!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tesla's Crack Problem

    Good morning! Took a while to get to Canoe Camp, yesterday. I picked up some epoxy and linseed oil for Tess. She's been behaving, for the most part, but seemed to be getting thirsty. I patched her bow. The stern needs to be whittled-down a little more, before I address it's crack. I'll probably do that today, and/or hit the rest of the bottom. Within a few days, I want to flip her!
    I love this canoe! Her width is still amazing, to me. Her character is starting to come through. Her scars, and the wire, all tell a story. They will link her to the Earth, as she prepares to dance on the water. 
    The air is another story. Massive amounts of chemtrails... AGAIN! I'm seriously concerned about life on this beautiful planet. I found out that geoengineering is in college textbooks, now. It blows my mind, how most people can't even SEE what's in front of their face! Again... ALUMINUM TOXICITY. Neurotoxin, like FLUORIDE. Facts.
    My only weapon, at this point, is love. Dugout Canoe Magic is spreading, in Wheat Ridge! It's what I do, to change the world. Feel free to come down to Robb Street & I-70 Frontage Rd. "S"... Kipling & I-70, first light, south of the highway. Head WEST, around a few curves, and by the horses... you'll see Tesla by 3 cottonwoods, in the big back yard. Canoe! Canoe!