Monday, June 2, 2014

When In Doubt... CHOP!

    Good morning! Day off, yesterday, of course... bus system issues. RTD... "Reason To Drive"(Regional Transportation District). Buses run once an hour, if at all, generally, on Sunday. 
    I'm not having much luck finding a ride, yet. My friends in Washington are encouraging me to head up there. That IS the "ideal scenario," as much of my camping gear is up that way! My funds are EXTREMELY LIMITED, and I can't even grab a train ticket for a few more weeks! If I go up there, I still have to get back... to Montana! Any "moves" I make eat-up my money faster! 
    I still need some gear I haven't bought yet, like a solar charger for my camera. I don't really need one for the phone. I DO, however, want to take a bazillion pictures, along with video, on this journey! I have a fair camera, though not what I'd like to have. It's hard to work with the camera while you paddle. The "GoPro" set-up I had was DESIGNED for this journey. It grew legs. Town is bad.
    The journey feels like it's slipping away, at times. I try to "brush it off," focusing on Tess. Throwing out the good "vibe," everything seems to fall into place, as I've learned. Though I still have doubts, I proceed on. Chop CHOP!
    Canoe! Canoe!


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