Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Low Energy

    Good morning! A beautiful day, yesterday, for choppin'! I'm, certainly, still in "recovery mode." My energy just isn't there. The air is filled with allergens. The cottonwoods, in particular, are dumping seeds everywhere. The ground is covered with "cotton." My breathing suffered for it. I was constantly "winded," as I chopped.
    I worked on the baggage hanging off her stern. It was VERY slow-going, as I had to keep catching my breath. It's more than a little annoying. Indio's kids, and their pit bull, "Max," were the only signs of life at the house. They were playing by the canoe, when I arrived. They came out a few times, throughout the day. That dog loves them! The three of them were running around, playing with a stick, in the tall grass. Beautiful.
    Anyway, I got a fair amount of wood moved, all things considered. The stern is still impressing me! I'm finding good wood, as I chop. Today, I'll try and finish that area.
    Canoe! Canoe!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Ready To Chop!

    Good morning! It's been a week since I've seen Tess! Though the allergens are still in the air, and I was up, most of the night, coughing, I'm gettin' my happy arse to Wheat Ridge Canoe Camp!
    This will be the last week of camp. I'm leaving for Montana next week, to paddle Knotty! There are quite a few adventurers out on the Mighty Mo'! My buddy, Norm Miller, is keeping quite busy, as a "river angel." The river has a lot to say, and she's teaching everyone what they need to learn. (there have been "issues") All of the Facecrook posts have only whetted my appetite for this incredible journey!
    My goal for the week... lighten Tesla as much as I can, and get her in the museum. If I don't have a Craigslist ride, by then, I'll take the bus... if I must. It's TIME.
    Canoe! Canoe!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


    Good morning! I failed to post, yesterday... sorry! I've had a rough week, with the fever and all. Allergens are rockin' me, right now, and I hadn't really had that problem, since I was a kid. Most annoying.
    I'm getting ride offers, to get up North. For some reason, most of the drivers hit me up with 1-3 day's notice. Too much to do, here. I anticipate moving Tesla into the museum next weekend. I still have time to chop!
    On that note, I'm gonna give it a "go," today. Hopefully I'm ready for it. Canoe! Canoe!

Thursday, June 5, 2014


    Good morning! I'm a bit frustrated, today. What I thought was some sort of allergic reaction, has turned out to be something worse. I've had a fever come and go three times now, over the past few days. Coughing uncontrollably, my throat has gotten extremely raw, as well. I've been very tired, and confined myself to bed for the past few days. Whole-body aches, itchy, watery eyes. It's been awful. I hadn't been sick, since 2010!
    Though I'm feeling a little better, I'm going to rest for one more day. I need to be sure I kick this thing.
    I miss Tess. Canoe! Canoe!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


    Good morning! I did, in fact, take the day off, yesterday. There's something in the air, out here, and it kicked-in my allergic reaction. I haven't had mush trouble with them, since I was a kid. This stuff... whatever it is, is hitting me hard. Itchy, watery eyes, uncontrollable cough, sneezing, and almost flu-like aches. My back is toast, but that's from carving. 
    I'm attempting to wake up, and get rolling. I slept (stayed in bed is more accurate) for about 12 hours. My head still hurts. I thought that was from the coughing. I'm wondering if I'm not sinking into a little depression, here. 
    The canoe isn't getting finished, yet. The Missouri seems to be slipping away. I'm broke as a joke. Something's gotta give.
    Maybe Tess can help... Canoe! Canoe!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Long Day

    Good morning! Good day of choppin', yesterday! I anticipated digging down, but Tess wanted me to work on the gunwales. I cleaned-up the bow end, on both sides. She also was thirsty, so I gave her a good coat of oil, afterwards.
    I couldn't stop. I went pretty late, and knew it, by the position of the sun. The buses alter their schedules, in the evening. I should have known. It took me 'til after 10pm to get home.
    I'm STILL tired, and very sore. Trying to motivate, but may take another day off. I've got plenty to do, anyway, between my preparation for the big paddle, and preparation for Tesla's big move. Public Relations stuff, among other things.
    We'll see... Canoe! Canoe!

Monday, June 2, 2014

When In Doubt... CHOP!

    Good morning! Day off, yesterday, of course... bus system issues. RTD... "Reason To Drive"(Regional Transportation District). Buses run once an hour, if at all, generally, on Sunday. 
    I'm not having much luck finding a ride, yet. My friends in Washington are encouraging me to head up there. That IS the "ideal scenario," as much of my camping gear is up that way! My funds are EXTREMELY LIMITED, and I can't even grab a train ticket for a few more weeks! If I go up there, I still have to get back... to Montana! Any "moves" I make eat-up my money faster! 
    I still need some gear I haven't bought yet, like a solar charger for my camera. I don't really need one for the phone. I DO, however, want to take a bazillion pictures, along with video, on this journey! I have a fair camera, though not what I'd like to have. It's hard to work with the camera while you paddle. The "GoPro" set-up I had was DESIGNED for this journey. It grew legs. Town is bad.
    The journey feels like it's slipping away, at times. I try to "brush it off," focusing on Tess. Throwing out the good "vibe," everything seems to fall into place, as I've learned. Though I still have doubts, I proceed on. Chop CHOP!
    Canoe! Canoe!